Winter work for Summer Results.

The Unintended Unveiling

Keeping any fitness plan on track can be testing even for hardened fanatics especially during the months of the year when we are ‘less on show’ and generally cover up more due to the colder conditions.

But this is when we can really put in a lot of good unseen work that can have a great effect not only on our health but our confidence too. Winter time and colder seasons are twined with colds and coughs that are natural to the time of year however keeping up with a good controlled fitness plan can help to ward off these common problems of the season.

If you think about the holiday seasons you will think about staying in and winding down with early nights and the heating on which does sound fantastic but too much of this can leave the body susceptible to more of the common coughs and colds as it naturally winds down too. Staying focused and active keeps the body’s natural momentum from slowing down which in turn keeps the metabolism at a higher rate and fatigue levels down.

As well as the healthy aspects of keeping up a winter program the fact that people you will commonly see everyday will not have seen your ‘Summer Bod’ since the last sunshine the effect of this unintentional unveiling in the new summer will give you a huge confidence boost and new , fresh incentive to push on through the next year and years to come!

As always diet and fitness go hand in hand and with that we will adding more delicious recipes to the site this year plus loads of workouts and of course words of encouragement to keep everyone on the same positive path to their fitness goals.

Till next time, drink more water 💧

Published by HDU Ipswich

Owner and Creator for Gym Gainz Apparel. Helping break down the barriers and myths of Fitness, for all. Socials @gymgainzapparel

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