When it comes to getting fit, Anything is better than nothing… Building Habits.

Have a think about every time you might have had the urge to get fitter. Maybe you saw something on the TV and thought, yes! I will get up tomorrow, find a fitness plan and go get fit!! Only to end up 2 days later with zero enthusiasm and that wonderful buzz you had days earlier very far away. Well for a great number of people that aren’t used to fitness or working out this is very often the case due to over judging- 1: their own want to actually do exercise and- 2: From over loading the amount of exercise that they are doing right at the start of a fitness plan😑

The joy of realising that you want to get fitter and achieve a healthier lifestyle is often the actual killer of the new dream too because we take on too much at the very beginning!

Like most new scenarios we venture into, at the start we jump in with both feet only to soon enough become overwhelmed with all the new information and struggle to keep the excited edge that had initiated the process in the first place. The same happens with fitness, the initial buzz is amazing but the more information we receive on the subject the more we dilute what we practice and lose site of the actual reason for starting.

Creating a healthy lifestyle for now and our future selves needs to be seen as a marathon and definitely not a sprint.

Firstly, let’s try flipping how we initially go about our desire to be fitter and healthier.

Rather than jumping in with two feet, let’s just dip a toe in the beginning and do 1 workout a week for 4 weeks for just 20 minutes, that’s all but make sure that this workout is DONE! Pick a day and a time that you can stick to and start from there. The workout or cardio can be anything you like , your favourite exercises or ones you find easier to do are perfect because there will be absolutely no reason for you to talk yourself out of it.


1 X 20 minutes favourite exercises a week

Length 4 weeks- Total workouts= 4

Allow a total of 30 minutes for a warm up before and a warm down after🤗

Although this might not seem much, the focus is on the completion of the session rather than the volume (amount) . With a very small amount of pressure on the volume you can add a manageable amount of fitness to any lifestyle or time restrained schedule.

The ultimate aim to this first step is to build a dedicated bond with the process. By taking away the usual factors that creep into keeping up with a heavy scheduled fitness program ( too busy/too tired/had enough/not enough time) you can have a good feeling about working out knowing exactly when you are going to be doing it, with no stress will make it something you will look forward to! (Maybe, that’s not guaranteed 😊)

Basic exercises
Here are some basic exercises to get you started 😊

Before doing any physical fitness make sure you are capable and in good health. Never work out or take on fitness programs when ill or feeling unwell. Always warm up before and warm down after.

Hydrate,Hydrate,Hydrate! Water is the best, so don’t forget it, before, during and after your workout!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and how you do on your fitness journey so leave us a comment, or if you want give us a follow for new posts straight to your inbox!

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Owner and Creator for Gym Gainz Apparel. Helping break down the barriers and myths of Fitness, for all. Socials @gymgainzapparel

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