Positive Gainz/s

Drink more water
Drink more water 💦

Surely Gains are just a thing for Musclebound gym heads that pump iron 24/7 right? Not entirely…

To go for a short run rather than watching Netflix for an hour= Gains

To get to bed half an hour earlier on week nights= Gains

To swap takeaways {not all of them} for home cooked meals= Gains

You get the idea. Lots of small changes can make huge positive changes on the way you live you life and the way you think about the benefits these changes make with very little effort at all, meaning you can constantly make positive gains one step at a time without it feeling like you are constricted to a whirlwind of life changing must-do demands.

Once these small changes become part of a routine they sub consciously form the start of good habits and over time they become normal behaviour.

Physical fitness and Mental fitness go hand in hand. To decide to exercise in the first place comes from being mentally aware that –

1- I am pretty fit but I could be fitter
2-I haven’t done any exercise for ages…I really should

And so on, but the thought for most to start out on a program of Workouts and meal plans is hugely daunting and can be unnerving when on the search for information on what is the best way to reach a certain goal in the best/fastest/newest way that everyone is raving about and has absolutely changed their life…

So for anyone reading this that has thought they maybe should start getting fitter and living a healthier lifestyle , it really is ok to start small. Even the 3 examples of small gains at the start of this post could make a positive impact on your life, from a Physical fitness point of view and definitely a mental fitness one. Just choosing to do 1 thing differently can pave the way for a dramatic change of lifestyle for the good.

One last thing, drink more water, if this is your first small gain, do it.

Gainz/s are for everyone…

Published by HDU Ipswich

Owner and Creator for Gym Gainz Apparel. Helping break down the barriers and myths of Fitness, for all. Socials @gymgainzapparel

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