A New Beginning

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A long time has passed since the start of our journey with Gym Gainz Apparel and a lot of that time has admittedly been spent thinking rather than doing and this has meant absolutely ZERO productivity in all areas of our Start Up.

Like everyone that has lived through the Covid pandemic, we have had even more time to think over things, make new plans, ignore new plans then make a newer, better plan until we finally decided to go for once again but this time with a different approach to what we want Gym Gainz Apparel to be.

In our mind’s we know there is a place for this and even though there is an abundance of Fitness and Gym website’s and untold amounts of ‘Experts’ on Instagram (this being our main deterrent not to move forward)we are positive that we can offer something that will try to cut through the glitz and glamour of the ‘New’ fitness and offer a real alternative to the way you read and digest the information in front of you.

Its very easy to get caught up in what you see on Social Media because it’s ultimately driven to cause these feelings and reactions with the way that it is delivered to you which is fine to a point but what about after that, what about actually getting fit and staying fit? Using the information that is available to you to make positive changes in your life and being dedicated to sticking to them.

The incentive to deliver this is now our main aim, simple,understandable posts that offer fitness tips for all with sensible workout plans and doable exercise routines , plus meal ideas and step by step programmes for living a new healthier lifestyle that is easy to maintain and fun to complete and stick to.

Now you may be thinking… ‘but they are called Gym Gainz Apparel, where’s the Apparel?’ Well, we will be selling products alongside our informative sections of the site, some of which complement the routines and exercises that we provide to help you easily and cheaply find the right things to get started.

We do use Instagram and Twitter to deliver links to our content and appreciate that these platforms are very popular and helpful so by all means follow us there if you are interested in what we are going to produce but you can also subscribe to our blog for free and get notifications when new material is posted to help you stay totally up to date.

Here’s to a New Beginning, we can’t wait to get started!

Published by HDU Ipswich

Owner and Creator for Gym Gainz Apparel. Helping break down the barriers and myths of Fitness, for all. Socials @gymgainzapparel

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